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What's happening with AI and photography?

Could artificial intelligence disrupt the photography world?
TechRepublic - By Ant Pruitt | July 18, 2017,

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"In a recent blog post, a team at Google shared how its deep learning technology has been able to produce "professional quality" photo editing for a batch of landscape photos. In blind testing, pro photographers rated up to 40% of the images edited by AI as semi-pro or pro level quality. Quite frankly, some of the images published were quite nice, but is this enough to disrupt the world of photography? I don't think so. Disrupt the world of photography editing? Well it could be useful, but not disruptive. Allow me to explain."
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I think it would be tough for AI to know when and where to draw the line when it comes to post processing photos. Some photos need human intervention in the editing process to understand the mood and message the photo is supposed to convey, not just the adjusting of exposure or white balance. If a photo is just a run-of-the-mill landscape photograph, there just may be a place for AI photo editing. But even with that said, I'd much rather lean on the professional skills of landscape photographers."