pondělí 11. června 2018

What is AI Photo Camera?

Here's what the new buzzword in photography actually means
By Jamie Carter February 28, 2018 - digitalcameraworld
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"Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and if you haven't yet got an AI-powered smartphone, you probably soon will do. Is it all just marketing hubris, or is AI in a smartphone – and particularly, in its camera – something we should all aspire to have? With the term AI increasingly being used not only in smartphones, but in all kinds of cameras, it pays to know what AI is actually doing for your photos.
What is AI?
AI is a genre of computer science that examines if we can teach a computer to think or, at least, learn. It's generally split into subsets of technology that try to emulate what humans do, such as speech recognition, voice-to-text dictation, image recognition and face scanning, computer vision, and machine learning. What’s it got to do with cameras? Computational photography and time-saving photo editing, that’s what. And voice-activation.
- Voice-activated cameras
- AI software
- What is computational photography?
- Depth sensors and blurry backgrounds
- What about DSLRs?
Who is AI photography for?
Everyone. For starters, it’s about democratising photography. “In the past photography was the domain of those with the expertise of using a DSLR to create different types of images, and what AI has started to do is to make the effects and capabilities of more advanced photography available to more people,” says Fitzpatrick.
AI might not replace Lightroom and other image-editing programs, but it does stand to change editing for the photographer."

"AI is quickly becoming an overused term in the world of photography. Right now it largely applies to smartphone cameras, but the incredible algorithms and sheer level of automated software that the technology is allowing will soon prove irresistible to most of us. It may not be time to chuck out the DSLR quite yet, but AI seems set to change how we take photos. Not only that, but it could soon take charge of editing and curating our existing photography libraries too. It may be over-hyped and often a shorthand for what is nothing more than the latest, greatest advanced software, but AI is going to do something incredible for photographers; it’s going to free-up more of your time so you can take more, and better, photographs."