pondělí 11. června 2018

Software Review: Photolemur 2.2

Software Review: Photolemur 2.2 
PDN Online - March 8, 2018 - By Greg Scoblete
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"Those who work with artificial intelligencetypically prefer to take a sunny view of its potential. In the optimistic take, AI liberates humanity from its unimaginative grunt work, freeing us to focus on more creative and engaging pursuits. (In the pessimistic take, AI gains consciousness and super intelligence, and destroys all of human civilization, but let’s not worry about that right now.)
Photolemur is definitely built around the first promise. Trained on over 1 million images, this AI-powered software promises to improve your images instantly with zero intervention on the user’s part beyond a drag and a drop. Has our AI liberation moment arrived?"
"But that’s not the point, really. Photolemur is a tool for those who don’t want to labor over the Wacom tablet just to tweak and process RAW images—and it’s a pretty remarkable one at that. In minutes, you can process and improve dozens of RAW files for sharing on social media. Or, dump a batch of smartphone images into Photolemur and on the other end you’ll almost certainly have something better—with literally no work on your part. Score one for the machine."