pondělí 11. června 2018

Photolemur v.2.3 - Coming this Spring

Photolemur v.2.3 - Coming this Spring
Edit any volume of photos Automagically with Artificial Intelligence.
2x times faster. New image processing engine.
New version of Photolemur is powered by PerfectEye - proprietary AI-powered image processing engine.
The technology was tested and tuned on 120,000 images by 65 photographers of all kinds. The previous technology worked incredibly well with RAW images. The new technology is tuned to work well with JPEG images.
The Core
AI-powered image processing engine inside the app provides the ability to improve 90% of all processed images. One of our goals was to avoid spoiling images by making them unrealistic. The artistic look of your finalized images is your personal choice. Our aim was to make all photos come out perfectly from your camera - the same way you saw the scene when you photographed it.
Proprietary RAW-processing technology now is 2.5x times faster. Export speed for all types of images is 3x times faster. It was hard to achieve but we managed a great improvement.
New engine works in different way with different types of images. New algorithm for JPEG images optimized for specific needs of this kind of images. JPEG images will become smoother, technology removes grain and JPEG artifacts from photos.