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How AI Helps Photographers Get More Creative

How AI Helps Photographers Get More Creative
Machine learning reveals a future that gives photographers more time for creativity
Na následující webové adrese najdete velmi přínosný článek, prezentující názory několika významných fotografů na otázky uplatnění AI ve fotografii. Dozvíte se prognózu jak se bude vyvíjet vztah fotografa a AI, jak můžeme chápat pojem "intelligent/creative assistent", jaká bude jeho role v podpoře rozvoje kreativity fotografa. Je to můj osobní názor, ale myslím, že text článku vnáší světlo do celé řady otázek spojených s AI ve fotografii, u kterých dochází často k mylným závěrům, vyplývajícím z nekomplexních přístupů.

Adresa plného znění článku je následující:
By Adobe Communications Team - POSTED ON 04-16-2018

Dovolím si citovat vybrané myšlenky. Upozorňuji, že z důvodu stručnosti nebudu uvádět autory a zdůvodnění. To vše se dozvíte v článku. 
- "Now that artificial intelligence (AI) is more deeply woven into photo editing and cataloging apps, the relationship between human and machine is taking a dramatic shift — a prospect that is thrilling some photographers, while intimidating others.
- “AI is not a substitute for creativity.” - When advancements in technology can enable a creative person to think less about the technology or the technical aspects of the profession and more about the content and message behind the photograph, the potential for elevating the visual literacy of an entire society is possible — and that’s exciting.”
- "Photo editing tools will transform from mere “apps” into a photographer’s virtual assistantremoving menial, creativity-killing tasks, helping photographers more clearly translate their visions to reality, and increasing their creative output.
- “As we continue to develop machine learning, we will also be able to help rank your photos based on aesthetics or composition, which does away with duplicate images,” she says.
“We’re not looking at machine learning as a way to replace our creativity, Humans are still the most creative entity in the human and machine relationship.”
- "Voice command capabilities could soon allow photographers to tell their software what basic tasks to complete — everything from cropping to adjusting lighting to more complex things like masking photos — allowing photographers to focus on the design that lets their creativity shine."
- “If the designers are designing, the creative assistant will analyze their document, their design, and will give them more intelligent suggestions — based on the colors they’re using, maybe even the font they’re using, maybe the title."
- "The result is a win for all photographers, regardless of their depth of expertise. It helps creative professionals achieve their vision more quickly and spend more time on the things that they actually like to do. But it also happens to make it easier for a beginner to be successful too.”
- “Stop worrying about AI. New technologies are coming out everyday, and it’s important to learn and adapt to them.”
“I find that the best way for me to find that middle ground is to have concept hold precedent over technology and the tools that I use to create. It’s the process of finding something beautiful, because if that beauty has started at a place of purity or a good concept, then the method of how you got there — whether it’s using AI technology or not — doesn’t really matter.”