neděle 10. června 2018

How AI computer vision is transforming photography

From phones to DSLRs, AI could help produce striking shots
By James O'Malley January 10, 2018 World of tech 
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"Each year, we can be sure that the mobile industry’s hardware engineers have gone that little bit further in order to one-up the competition. Maybe an extra megapixel or two, maybe a better sensor, or a faster shutter.
But it is only within the last couple of years or so that this hardware arms race has been upset. The battle to create the best camera is no longer a question of hardware (though it doesn’t hurt). The real battle, thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, is in software.
Today, the most exciting innovations in photography are not thanks to engineers tinkering with metal and glass - they are thanks to algorithms that are making our shots better than ever, and helping us stay organised in the process."
- Portrait mode battle
- Zoom and enhance
- Photoshopping central
!Sure, it might not be a good idea to have your key evidence in court based on images designed by AI - but at least it’ll make your low-res holiday snaps from 2003 look a little better when you print them.
So what’s clear is that in just a few short years, AI is transforming both the way we shoot photos - and how we edit them.
Perhaps the most exciting thing though is that this is just scratching the surface: Photography is just the beginning. As “computer vision” becomes an important, baked in part of other new technologies - such as self-driving cars - AI is going to become increasingly sophisticated when it comes to interpreting and understanding the contents of our images.
We don’t yet know how the tech industry will best make use of these new technologies - but what is clear is that in the future, your choice of camera app could be just as important as your choice of hardware."