sobota 23. června 2018

AI and Skylum LUMINAR

What is the advancement of artificial intelligence for images and photography?
Hledal jsem na webu zdroje na téma "AI and photography" a našel jsem zajímavý článek Alexe Tsepka, CEO v Skylum Software, z 1. května 2018. 
Celý text najdete na adrese:
V článku mne zaujaly informace o dvou produtech firmy Skylum software Photolemur a Luminar, které využívají umělou inteligenci ke zpracování fotografií. O programu Photolemur píšu na jiném místě v tomto weblogu. 
Tento krátký text s ukázkou, chci věnovat druhému produktu - Luminaru a jeho schopnosti upravit snímek pomocí jediného posuvníku ( jak o tom píše A. Tsepka ).
Cituji výňatek z článku:
"At Skylum, we’ve recently released a product called Photolemur. What it does is use artificial intelligence to edit photos to realize their best possible version without manual control. 
Using machine learning, the technology considers photos and lightens or darkens them depending on what the photo needs—all without the need of manual editing.
Control color and light with one slider. Another product we’ve launched is called Luminar, which allows photographers to use just one multifaceted slider to enhance their photos. We built this after hearing feedback from landscape photographers all over the world that having to use multiple sliders to edit their photos was too time consuming. Typically, photographers use dozens of sliders to improve a photo. They use sliders to highlight, or shadow, or create contrasts. With Luminar, however, photographers need just one slider. As you move it across a photo, the software decides how to tweak things like saturation, luminosity, and contrast. Again, it does this automatically. This sort of slider will soon be a norm."
Screenshot, pořízený v Luminaru, zobrazíte kliknutím na TÉTO adrese.
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A nakonec uvádím závěrečnou část článku, vyjadřující optimistický pohled na úlohu AI ve fotografii:
"No, what AI is doing instead is expanding photography’s reach, making it easier for more people to engage in this craft at an entry level––and capture great photos in the process. It enables amateur photographers––a bucket most of us fall into––to take beautiful pictures without having to learn words like saturation, luminosity, or contrast.
Everyone deserves the chance to immortalize important moments in their glimpses of beauty— things they want to remember. Soon, AI will allow all of us to more easily do exactly that."